An Op-Ed by Rep. Don Turner
House Minority Leader

On Oct. 1 the Common Sense Leadership PAC unveiled to Vermonters the Freedom and Unity Plan. Over the last year we went out and recruited Republican candidates to run for the Vermont House. And what we found was something very unique. Vermonters with no particular taste or interest for politics were stepping up to run. They were doing so with amazing dedication and desire to make good and positive changes in how Vermont was being governed.

We found candidates young and old, from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. They felt that Vermont needs a fresh voice with new positive influence. They saw a Democrat-controlled Legislature whose primary interest appeared to be writing laws that governed every aspect of people’s lives and continually took away their basic right to think for themselves and act independently. They saw a Legislature that didn’t value the pride that comes with independence. They saw a Legislature that didn’t understand that smaller government has larger economic benefits and that competition builds strength in commerce. They saw that Democrats had created a health care plan without any idea how the funding would work and with no regard for the trusted value of a doctor/patient relationship. They saw the very simple fact that for the last six years a supermajority of Democrats have controlled the Vermont House of Representatives. For six years this supermajority has had the opportunity to make great improvements in Vermonters’ lives. Vermonters need to ask the very simple question … has this occurred? I say no; it has not!

Together we will make a difference to ensure that the voice of the quiet, hardworking Vermonter will be heard in Montpelier.

Have Vermonters seen a break in their cost of living? Can those in need of mental health services get access in a quick and safe manner? Are we giving Vermont businesses some freedom from excessive regulation to grow and expand? Are we giving business incentives to stay in Vermont? Is the goal of being first in the nation on many unproven initiatives a burden of cost and time that Vermonters should shoulder and finance? Is labeling food more important than having a job and the ability to buy food? And do Vermonters’ opinions on how their ridgelines look and if pipelines should go through their back yards matter? We think their opinions matter.

Together we will make a difference to ensure that the voice of the quiet, hardworking Vermonter will be heard in Montpelier. This year is so important to get out and vote. And for positive change, please vote for the fresh voices of some very talented and dedicated Republican candidates in your district. Nothing will change unless we change it!

The true spirit of Vermonters independence is at stake. It is something we must resurrect and preserve. We may never have a better chance than now.

Tuesday, Nov. 4, is a day of great opportunity. You can make a difference.