Vermont Democrats were gleeful last week when they passed more tax hikes to support another unsustainable increase in spending.  House Democratic Leader Sarah Copeland-Hanzas even went on to admit that, “It’s hard to make the decisions that need to be made to cut spending.”

Leadership is about listening, setting clear priorities and, when necessary, making difficult choices.  Naturally, the three Democrats vying to continue Shumlin’s policies and one party rule remain silent on last week’s legislative action that increased taxes by $48,000,000.  

Peter Galbraith, Matt Dunne and Sue Minter should denounce the crushing $48,000,000 tax increases and finally admit that Vermont is facing a crisis of affordability.  But we’re not going to hold our breath.

The facts — and the economic impacts of one party rule — speak for themselves:

  • The budget passed last year by Vermont Democrats already has a budget gap of $30,000,000
  • Vermont Democrats have consistently passed state budgets that have consistently grown at least twice as fast as most Vermonters’ paychecks.
  • In the previous 6 fiscal years, Vermont Democrats have increased taxes and spending by over $300,000,000 dollars — that’s about $50 million each year, on average.
  • Vermont’s workforce has shrunk by 15,400 people and the number of employed Vermonters dropped by 7,100.

There’s no doubt that working Vermonters are worse off today than they were six years ago.

As they make their pitch to continue Peter Shumlin’s policies, each of the Democratic candidates deceptively dance around the core economic issues that are most important to Vermonters. It’s time for change. Working Vermonters cannot afford another term of single-party rule.

Please join us in our efforts to restore balance in Montpelier and elect a Republican Governor this November.