Democrats Ignoring the Dangerous Economic Cycle Their Policies Create

Workforce has contracted by more than 14,000 since Democrats took total control of state government

Montpelier, VT –  The unemployment report released last week by the Shumlin administration shows in indisputable detail that Vermont’s workforce is in freefall.  This means fewer and fewer workers have to shoulder the skyrocketing tax burden and the Democrat’s runaway spending, thus deepening our crisis of affordability and driving more and more workers, and jobs, out of Vermont.

It is an absolute downward economic spiral that only Vermont Republicans have had the courage to address.

Meanwhile, Vermont Democrats, who have had total control of Montpelier since January 2011 continue to mislead Vermonters about the scope and consequence of the economic and budgetary challenges the workforce data clearly illustrate.

While Governor Shumlin and the Vermont Democrats continue to tout Vermont’s “low” unemployment percentage, the real story lies just below their superficial statements and political platitudes.

The real truth is Vermont’s workforce declined by another 2,050 workers in October. This was the sharpest single month decline since at least 1999 and leaves our state’s workforce at its lowest level since April 2003.

In total, Vermont’s workforce has contracted by 14,300 workers since Governor Shumlin and his Democrats took complete control of state government and the policy making process in the State House.

To be clear, Vermont’s “low” unemployment percentage is not an indication of economic strength and stability, a vibrant climate of job creation, or an expanding economy.

Instead, it is an indication that more and more Vermonters have lost hope and are leaving our state for opportunities elsewhere or are giving up their job hunts completely.  It is also a painful reminder that Vermont is not attracting new, younger workers

In fact, if Vermont’s labor force had stayed only level since Governor Shumlin first took office, our unemployment rate would be 7.5% given the number of employed Vermonters in October.

Vermont’s economic challenges will not go away by ignoring the facts or using political spin and flowery rhetoric to sidestep them.  

Vermonters deserve principled leadership willing to face our state’s challenges in an honest way. It’s time to restore balance in Montpelier, so we can get the economy, and our workforce, growing again.