For Immediate Release
Contact: Dave Sunderland, Chair Vermont Republicans
February 20, 2015

Vermont Democrats Counter Job Loss Facts by Bragging About Higher Taxes!

Montpelier, VT – Because Governor Shumlin and Vermont Democrats have repeatedly misrepresented data regarding the state of Vermont’s economy, Vermont Republicans chose this week to issue a series of “Fiscal Facts” to give mainstream, commonsense Vermonters the truth.

These ice cold facts — provided by the National Bureau of Labor statistics at — have frustrated the folks at the Vermont Democrat Party headquarters, and even Governor Peter Shumlin.

Our Fiscal Fact of the Day yesterday pointed to the Vermont Department of Labor’s own information showing that — contrary to the glowing job growth statements from Governor Shumlin — there were actually fewer Vermonters working in December 2014 than there were in December 2013. But the party, and later Governor Shumlin, lashed out at the statistics with more franken-facts concocted to obscure the obvious: Vermont’s economy is not recovering from the recession, is stagnant, and for many Vermonters and small businesses getting worse.

In another disjointed and off topic response, the Vermont Democrats even bragged about increasing revenue that includes millions of dollars they have been able to collect from Vermonters in new taxes; apparently that is their measure of effective government!

Governor Shumlin on Vermont Public Radio later in the day tried to make the case that there were plenty of jobs in Vermont; on the same same day Plasan North America of Bennington announced it will be joining a long list of good, local employers forced to leave Vermont.

In one of the most insensitive, and out of touch, statements to date from Governor Shumlin he said the problem isn’t his economy — it’s that Vermont Republicans make it sound bad.

Happy political platitudes, reckless spending and stale public policy have caused the problems of the past four years. Those problems are getting bigger, and the burden greater, for Vermonters in the present. Vermont Republicans are committed to offering economic solutions for our future. Governor Shumlin: We invite you to join us.

It’s time for a change.