Democrat Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor Should Renounce Support for Gas & Fuel Tax Hikes

Montpelier, VT –  Vermont Republican Chair David Sunderland released the following statement regarding a proposal by Vermont Democrats to raise taxes on gas — and likely the taxes on home heating fuel tax and other forms of energy — by 88-cents per gallon:

“Since we released our statement yesterday expressing strong objection to the Democrats proposed 88-cent per gallon gas tax, the outpouring opposition to the concept has been overwhelming.  Make no mistake, we stand with working Vermonters, our young families, seniors and small business owners.  We will oppose this Democrat plan to take more money from working and fixed income Vermonters using every means possible.

We call on all sponsors of the bill in the House of Representatives — especially Democrat Lt. Governor Candidate Rep. Kesha Ram — to support struggling Vermonters who are already carrying more than their fair share of Vermont’s affordability crisis and renounce support and sponsorship of this economically dangerous and regressive legislation.

Further, we call on all current and potential Democrat Gubernatorial candidates — Rep. Shap Smith, Sue Minter, Matt Dunne and potential Governor candidate Peter Galbraith — to condemn this reckless proposal.

When we’re talking about gasoline and home heating fuel, and they say “make polluters pay” everyone knows what they really mean is make working Vermonters pay.

Their policies of picking winners and losers isn’t just failing. It has also trapped us in a brutal economic cycle where costs for working families are rising far faster than growth in their paychecks and growth in the underlying economy.

Vermonters cannot afford to give them more money just to be forced to spend it on things they may not want to buy.  We have to break the downward economic cycle that these type of policies have created.

If you’re ready to take Vermont’s economy in a pro-income growth, pro-job, pro-business direction please join our campaign for change today.”