For Immediate Release:
27 August 2013

Jack Lindley
Chair, Vermont Republican Party
(802) 272-6963

VT GOP Chair’s Response to the Announcement of the Decommissioning of Vermont Yankee

“Today is a sad day for the Vermont middle-class as we lose another major employer due to the failed economic policies of the majority party in Montpelier. More than 600 people will be looking for new jobs because government intervention in the market made it unsustainable to do business in our state”, said Chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, Jack Lindley.

“We are on a very dangerous path when the loss of more than 600 good paying jobs is lauded by our Governor as the ‘Right decision for Vermont’s energy future’ and ‘part of the plan from the beginning’.”

“Our state needs to break down the barriers that prevent larger companies like Entergy, IBM and Energizer, that can afford to pay their employees a livable wage and offer them benefits, from leaving Vermont. We must start attracting these companies by giving them incentives to stay here when they do come. As our Governor celebrates this political victory, all the unintended consequences will be felt around the kitchen tables of working Vermonters and their families.”


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