Deb Bucknam Campaign LogoSt. Johnsbury, Vermont – Two national energy policy organizations have hit Vermont Attorney General, William Sorrell, with a lawsuit because he won’t honor their public records request for documents concerning his war on dissenting opinions to the Establishment’s articles of faith on climate change. This is a perfect example of the double standard Vermont’s big shots like to adopt for themselves. Vermont citizens must follow every jot and tittle of the labyrinth of Vermont laws and regulations, or there is hell to pay; but the Attorney General can thumb his nose at our public records law, not even attempting to justify his refusal to follow the statute, and think he will get away with it.

The result of this lawlessness is that the nonprofits requesting the documents have been forced to file an expensive lawsuit against a powerful public official, government’s shaky reputation for integrity is further diminished, and taxpayer money is being used to defend an Attorney General’s indefensible behavior.

It should not matter whether the Establishment agrees with the views of those who are requesting public records. Government employees are our servants and should follow the rule of law.

I call on Attorney General William Sorrell to obey the law, preserve the reputation of his office, and stop spending public money on needless legal fees.

When I am elected attorney general, I pledge to make the office an advocate for the people of Vermont, and not waste taxpayer’s money stonewalling legitimate requests for documents owned and paid for by the public.