Vermont Secretary of State
ATTN: Mr. Jim Condos
128 State St
Montpelier, VT 05633

October 2, 2015

Dear Secretary Condos:

I write today to bring a concerning display of political bias to your attention.

As you’ve noted, there is nothing more important than the integrity of our elections process. That’s why we know you will want to take swift and decisive action to remedy this problem and the perceptions of inappropriate, potentially unethical, behavior it creates.

It has been brought to my attention that in comments on a hyper-partisan, far left blog the state’s Director of Municipal Elections, Campaign Finance, Candidates/Parties, and Party Organization, J.P. Isabelle, makes comments that clearly establish a concerning political bias. His clear bias is also reflected throughout many of his postings on Twitter.

Notwithstanding whether it’s appropriate for a member of your elections staff to be commenting on overtly partisan blogs, as an administrator of elections and election law, Vermonters have a right to expect that Mr. Isabelle will be neutral and nonpartisan in all public conduct and engagement.

Unfortunately, Mr. Isabelle’s credentials as a neutral and nonpartisan administrator have been irreversibly undermined by his statements. Many Vermonters have already lost faith and trust in state government. This unprofessional choice provides reason to be concerned about the neutrality of the Elections Division as well.

We respectfully request that immediate action be taken to ensure Mr. Isabelle has no administrative obligations, input or influence in elections in which the political parties, Unions or candidates for governor may have an interest. What form that remedy takes is, of course, up to you. We also urge you to review with your staff the importance of absolute, unquestionable neutrality in the administration of all elections and election law.

In keeping with our shared commitment to transparency, I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to the Vermont media community.

Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.


David Sunderland, Chairman
Vermont Republican Party


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