Chair’s Update: 17 October 2013
Vice-Chair, Deborah Bucknam



This week we saw good signs our party is moving in the right direction. One being our Chair, Jack Lindley has been upgraded from Intensive Care to a room nearby where he is continuing to make steady progress. He has a resilient spirit and an optimism to be admired. We continue to keep Jack and his family in our thoughts and prayers and can’t wait until he makes a full recovery.

The Vermont Press has been busy this week exposing Gov. Shumlin’s Healthcare boondoggle, for what it is. They also make a pretty good case against our current Governor’s, “Ready, fire, aim” management style.

The $3 Million Message: D.C. Spin-Doctors Go To Work On Health Care Exchange – Via. Alicia Freese @vtdigger (

Full Court Press: Vermont’s Health Care Reformers Spend Half a Million Dollars Wooing Reporters – Via Paul Heintz @7dvt (

If you would like to see the source documents for these articles you can view them at the following link. – Via Peter Hirschfeld @VT Press Bureau (

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott got the “Quote of the Day” on yesterday with his statements on the marketing dollars being used to promote the exchange.

“I think the governor is fiscally prudent, but if this was state money I wonder: Would we be doing the same thing, or is it because we look at this as being free we see it as a windfall and utilize it in that manner. I’m guessing probably not. If the dollars were more limited … I don’t think we’d be doing this this way.” – Lt. Gov. Phil Scott on marketing Vermont Health Connect

Operation Politically Homeless

Operation Politically Homeless

On Wednesday, a group of students from a newly formed student organization called Young Americans for Liberty at UVM set up a table in the Davis Center and asked students passing by where they felt the stood on the political spectrum and asked them to answer a short quiz. The results were surprising when they found out where they fell on the spectrum. Our good friend George Schiavone even stopped by to take the quiz.

Upcoming Events:

County Caucuses

Delegates should have received invitations and notice of the caucus location and time. Most will be happening this evening. If you are a delegate in your town, but have not heard from your County Chair, let them know. All of our County Chairs are listed on our website at:

Grassroots Training

Saturday, October 26th at Dartmouth College beginning at 9:30am

The workshop will focus on four topics:
Building a Winning County Organization
Communication and Visibility
Get Out The Vote

Please RSVP to at your earliest convenience.

Good things are in the works. We are building this organization from the ground up. There are going to be bumps along the way, but stay positive and stay motivated. We are implementing the strategic plan and seeing more and more positive results each day. This is a team effort, and we could not do it without your continued support.


Deborah Bucknam
Vermont Republican Party

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