This past week has been a bumpy, but productive week. Jack Lindley is improving daily in Hannover and we continue to wish him and his family all the best as he recovers.

Our healthcare exchange continues to have technical problems and “Navigators” have had to resort to paper forms. Incomplete paper enrollment forms ( All of this, while still not providing increased access to actual healthcare services.

Governor Shumlin continued spending his time out of state fundraising for the Democratic Governor’s Association, rather than leading his struggling healthcare program. (

I also called on the Vermont Democrats to encourage their leaders to practice civility in DC. Not surprisingly, they responded, and continue to be uncivil (


Last week our recruiting team met in the North East Kingdom to identify potential candidates and talk to the local community leaders. We are in the process of identifying and recruiting candidates now, so we have a fighting chance in 2014. This meeting was especially productive. This effort has been ongoing since summer and so far our team has been focusing on four regions of the state where we can pick up seats. This effort will continue year round.

County Caucuses:

Last month we had the most successful Town re-organization we have had in many years. We hope to continue this at our County Caucuses on the 17th of October. Our County Chairs will be sending letters to all the County Delegates and Alternates advising them of the time and place of their caucus.


We are excited to see progress in the area of attracting younger Vermonters to our party. In order for our party to grow we must be building and developing our party’s next generation of leaders. Two organizations have started recently in Vermont. First, the Young Republicans of Vermont, which has a growing membership, and as last reported, is up to 55 members. We are also working with a group starting at University of Vermont called Young Americans for Liberty. They currently have about 15 members but are growing rapidly and have some big plans. All of this is good news for our party as we continue to build.

Upcoming Events:

Shelburn Town Committee Meeting
Thursday, October 10 @ 6:00 PM
Dutch Mill (Yes 6:00 PM)
Jamie will be providing Turkey or Ham dinner, with Veggies and beverage – $8.95

Our guest speaker will be:
Vermont GOP Political Director, Brent Burns
Brent will provide us with an update of what’s happening at the State level, status of state Town Caucus results, his thoughts and recommendations as we move into next years elections. He is also seeking your thoughts on how we as a party should be moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support as we continue to build our party. Feel free to contact me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Deb Bucknam
Vermont Republican Party

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