October 19, 2015


My name is Bethany Towne. I am a Junior studying Political Science with a Pre-Law focus at Norwich University. I was born and raised in Berlin, Vermont. I also happen to be someone who desires a bright future for myself and people of all demographics in Vermont. Currently, however, Vermont is not an affordable place and I may have to go elsewhere to make a living. As a fourth generation Vermont agriculturalist that’s a sad thought.

As a Young Republican, I am tired of the assumptions about my political affiliation. I am not greedy nor do I care only about money. I do recognize the need to be self-sustaining. I am someone who cares about a diverse society in which all people have the opportunity to achieve personal success. I believe in freedom, liberty, and individual rights. I invite others who agree with me to get involved with the Party.

Young Republicans should not be the type of people to sit back and allow other opinions to stifle our enthusiasm. We, as Young Republicans, ought to be the kind of people who strive to inspire change that will help our neighbors and fellow Vermonters experience an affordable Vermont with a vibrant economy and ample employment opportunities.

So if you agree, and don’t want to let yourself be pushed out of our beautiful state then I invite you to take a stand. Contact the Vermont Republican Party to see what you can do to help. Explore the ways in which you can be involved and make a difference. Or you can make a contribution online and help the Party engage my generation enthusiastically.

Thank you.

Bethany Towne
Junior at Norwich University

P.S. Your support in our efforts will help inspire our Party’s next generation of leaders. Please consider making a contribution to the the Party.