October 27, 2015

Good evening,

As a student at Castleton University I discovered an untapped plethora of Republican-minded millennials who’ve remained reticent behind classroom, liberal rhetoric – they must be heard.  I for one am not afraid to be heard.  I’m proud to be a Vermont Republican.

Early on, I realized the current Governor philosophy in Montpelier built on promises to so many is a philosophy that will breakdown the very fabrics of society.  By over-promising to win elections, the Democratic Supermajority is “kicking the can down the road.” Vermont is not an affordable place to live, Montpelier continues to spend as if money grew on trees, and people like so many of my peers at Castleton University are left wondering “how will we build a life here in Vermont when it is so expensive to live here?

The Republican Party was the obvious antidote – freedom and prosperity for all. Republicans stand for personal decision making, self accountability and self reliability. Republicans stand for a governance structure which enables people the ability for independent decision making – an indispensable prerequisite for innovation.

The government stranglehold on Vermonters has disadvantaged them and the state. As a result of unsustainable budgeting, businesses are shackled to regulations, inhibiting innovation. Vermonters become increasingly dependent on the bureaucratic machine which premises itself on the notion, “let the government take care of you.”

I believe in “a Government that governs less, governs best.”

I hope the supermajority in Montpelier admit their failed policies and don’t let a mess protrude and allow for a mistakable precedent.

The Vermont Republican Party will continue to engage Vermonters of all walks of life. The Vermont Republican Party is headed in the right direction and I’m proud to be a part of the party who exemplifies common sense. I’m proud to say, I’m part of the party for liberty.

Above all, I am not afraid to say “I am proud to be a Republican.”

In efforts to see the party continually pave the way of prosperity for all Vermonters, while growing future generations, I ask for any help possible from those advocating, the Vermont Republican course of action.

A “Young Republican Fund” has been established by the party to see through initiatives for creating a vibrant young republican demographic. A small contribution of $10, $15, or even $25 dollars will go a long way in helping people such as myself, Ashley Strong, Bethany Towne, and Hayden Dublois encourage others to become active in the Party.

Here’s to a better Vermont.

Andrew Cremins

Castleton University Class of 2015

P.S. Your support in our efforts will help inspire our Party’s next generation of leaders. Please consider making a contribution to the the Party.